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  • Taste: The stock we raise are Pacific Oysters (crassostrea gigas), although their diet is 100% Atlantic – filtered from the Class A certified wild waters off the west coast of Ireland. They grow in a sandy bay, which lies atop an ancient, sunken peat bog – the source of our oysters’ unique taste.
  • Healthiness: Grown in certified Class A waters, they’re completely free of artificial foods or additives, and are purified in saltwater before delivery.
  • Size & Shape: Our oysters’ deep cup is derived from the constant movement of the ocean through the trestles, and our tending to them. We shake the bags regularly to boost the meat content of the animals and get that deep cup shape.
  • Freshness: We have our own dedicated dispatch centre in Ennis, Co. Clare, where we can store and purify our live oysters, plus native oysters, Achill Island lobsters, and other locally produced shellfish when in season, ready for delivery next day.
  • Traceability: Our produce is always packaged with details on the source of our oysters, and we deliver locally ourselves whenever we can. We’ll let you know if they’re from Achill, or one of the other small west coast farms we source from – each of which produce shellfish of equally high quality, and a unique taste.
  • Heritage: Traditionally grown using trestles & bags, we’re carrying on a tradition that’s been in operation for centuries – and helping make sure it’ll still be going strong for centuries’ to come.
  • Sustainability: With a commitment to sustainable farming that benefits our landscape, the wider environment, our local community and economy, you’ll be supporting ethical business every time you enjoy one of our oysters.

Achill Oysters

  • Delivery cost may be subject to postal zone surcharge.

  • All delivery costs calculated prior to checkout.

  • We Gut and Scale them before despatch.

  • Weight +/- 10%

Ordering & delivery process

As you can imagine fresh fish and game are not the easiest products to ship around the country so we operate with a few restrictions to ensure that the product you order arrives in the same condition as if it was freshly picked from the Borough Market stall in London.

Orders within the M25:

Free delivery on Orders over £75 within the M25.



Delivery Days are Wednesdays and Thursdays nationwide. Place your order online and pay through a secure payment gateway. 

Borough Market Pickup:

Free in-store collection @ Shellseekers Fish and Game Borough Market.


Your order will be freshly picked from the stall, packed ready for distribution through the famous Borough market,  you will receive a notification from the courier with an approximate delivery time. This enables you to leave delivery instructions if you are not able to take delivery of your order. 

The Cotswolds

We offer a free delivery service to the Cotswolds. Maddy runs deliveries every Thursday or Friday, please ensure your order is submitted by Wednesday 14H00. 

As with National deliveries, your order will be freshly picked from the stall, packed ready for distribution through the famous Borough market.

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